Do I have to be in shape for boot camp? I’ve never worked out can I still do boot camp?
Anyone can do boot camp. The purpose of boot camp is to help you reach your wellness goals, regardless of your current fitness level. Each workout is scalable to your fitness level – whatever that may be.

Why does it start at 5:45a?
We can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a morning workout. More importantly, it’s the one time of day where few of us have conflicts. No work meetings, deadlines or other conflicts occur before the sun comes up, so we meet at 5:45a. No excuses.

I’m not able to do some exercises. Can I still participate?
Due to pre-existing conditions or injuries, we all may not be able to complete every exercise. That’s why we offer modifications or alternatives to make sure you get a great workout – even if you have to do something slightly different.

Do I have to diet to get in shape?
No. We will work with you to help you make better food choices and create better eating habits, such as smaller meals eaten more frequently throughout the day, which will benefit you long term.

What equipment do I need?
You only need a good pair of sneakers and a re-usable water bottle to join us, and you might want a towel for when you are done with your workout.

What is a typical workout like?
No workout is the same but they typically consist of a combination of aerobic and strength building exercises.

How quickly will I see results?
Every body is different, so how quickly you see results will vary. In our experience, people typically start to notice a change within a few weeks.

What if it is rainy or cold? Do we still work out?
If it rains you get wet. If it’s cold, we’ll make sure you aren’t cold for long. But, yes, we’ll still be out there and expect you to make the same effort.

How many days a week is boot camp?
Boot camp is typically held 4-5 days a week, depending on the calendar, and you are expected to attend every day. The calendar will be available online, and any last-minute modifications will be emailed to you.

What if I can’t attend one day?
If you can’t attend boot camp, you should email us to let us know you can’t attend. You can make up your time on designated make up days during the next session.

How do you choose the non-profits that benefit from your profits?
We select non-profits that are near and dear to our instructors and boot campers, so if you have a suggestion for where we can donate our proceeds, please let us know.