This is where some of your efforts have gone, help us help the Piedmont Park Conservancy to keep Piedmont Park alive.




Quick Facts


Daily - $15
Monthly - $100
Quarter Fit (3 month commitment) - $285 for 3 months ($95/month)
Six-Pack Abs (6 month commitment) - $540 for 6 months ($90/month)
Lifer (12 month commitment) - $1,020 for a full year ($85/month)


  • Web Hosting

  • Annual Business License

  • Annual Park Permit

  • Annual Insurance (Done)

  • T-Shirts

  • Equipment

  • Donations


  • Piedmont Park Conservancy


You shouldn’t be the only one to benefit from boot camp. That’s why we created BC4C, a boot camp that donates 100% of our profits to local causes and as a result has qualified as a 501(c)(3) under IRS regulations.

BC4C was founded by veteran instructors who have benefited so much from their boot camp experiences – with good health, good friends and fun – they wanted to give back.

BC4C meets at 5:45a at Piedmont Park, 4-5 days per week. You benefit from exercising with a group – accountability to meet your goals, and the camaraderie to keep you coming back each day.

Come join us for a free session.

Our workouts are built on a theory called muscle-confusion, designed for you to get the most out of your workout because your body doesn’t get into a routine.

Workouts are the right combination of tough and fun, and are scalable to your level of fitness. There is never a workout you can’t accomplish.

And if you have an injury or pre-existing condition that prevents you from doing a certain type of exercise, just let us know and we offer alternatives to make sure you get a great workout.

Eating well is critical to your overall wellness. We help you make sure you are fueling your body properly to reach your fitness goals.

BC4C volunteer instructors are boot camp veterans and have an average of three years experience guiding boot campers to fulfill their maximum potential.

We firmly believe that anyone can get in shape and are ready to motivate you through positive reinforcement, by example or even a swift kick in the ass.

We’re volunteers because we believe in the power of group fitness. We are motivated when we see you succeed, and you push yourself further in a group setting. Plus, we get to work out too, and enjoy the camaraderie of old and new friends in the process.

Boot camp has given us so much – good health, good friends and fun - we felt it was time to give back.

You’ll be pleased to know that a minimum of $75 of your $100 monthly fee goes to charity (need to verify figures). All we need to do is cover our expenses.

Because we use Piedmont Park practically every day for our workouts, we have selected the Piedmont Park Conservancy as our premier partner, donating 50% of our monthly revenue for 2010.

The remaining 50% goes to a different organization every month.


How Much

To date we have donated over $129,000 to local Atlanta charities and programs.

Our Causes: