the making of a december challenge

With weeks of pondering and minutes to go a December Challenge was thrown together at the very last of minutes.

We debated for hours via Twitter and Snapchat, emailed a couple of additions to each other, met for coffee and talked some more. Toys for Tots, Coats, team challenges, it was all debated and implemented. Team captains, our best, Amy and Mandy. 

Teams, this took a bit longer, after a lot of debate and tons of averages, times, pushups and many more, it was blatantly clear that the only way to sort things out properly was to sort the names out alphabetically and select every other name for each team.


How to score on a thursday

My team won this morning.  You saw it.  Everyone saw it.  There was no debate.  I won and it’s done.  Andrew’s whole team was at least 50 yards behind our last person.  Everyone agrees on this.  And, I know for a fact that there was lots of exercise counting fraud going on at some of the stops this morning.  We won by a landslide.

team math

It’s a post-fact world.  Anyone can say anything and there are no repercussions and facts don’t matter. 

Here’s the Proof => Current score: Mandy’s team 108, Amy’s team 13.  That’s the truth.
And, do you KNOW what the winning team of our December challenge gets?  Me neither, but I sure like arguing about it.


Unfortunately the facts on this score did not add up and we had to discard these results.

what happened on friday?

Mary Ellen, 

Attached are the Magic Mile results for today - thank you for staying with Karen! 

  • Don brought a pile of coats. Who is handling the coat/blanket donation? I think we were going to work with Mandy on that. They are in my car.
  • Vaughn brought a toy

Also, I donated the first batch of toys this morning. 20 individual items given to Toys 4 Tots!! Awesome!! 

Have a good weekend! 



CURRENT POINT STATUS (9:59 PM Monday 12-Dec-2016)

As far as points go, the current tally is very close! 

79 points to Team Amy
83 points to Team Mandy

HOWEVER, this does not include attendance or donations from Thursday last week (Roll the Dice day).  Andrew, can you send me attendance for that day?  Susan, did you bring toys that day?

This also doesn't include the 2,000 points Team Amy got on Friday for our special guests :).

THIS POST IN TURN LEADS TO: What is this weeks donation? A team cannot lose another challenge! 



The answer is that it clearly is, somehow Team "M" has managed to talk whom ever is running this challenge to favor their team no matter what.

The results of today's workout. Team "A": 1,950 / Team "M" 1,650.

Team "M" wins. What?

Team M shows up with 5 participants plus the person judging and running the event.

Team A, shows up with 6 ready, able and willing participants.

Three days to go, let's see how it all ends!


NO questions now!

It's done the December challenge is over, Team "A" wins, Team "M" captain is in NYC, this may have had something to do with it all, but, too late now.

Scores as follow:

                                                                          Team Amy "A"                   Team Mandy "M"

Toys/Coats                                                         35                                     45

Attendance Week 1                                            17                                      16

Attendance Week 2                                           21                                      23

Attendance Week 3                                           35                                     33

Roll the Dice (Winner got 5 Points)                      5                                       0

12 Workouts Completed                                     20                                     16

Keep the Change (Winner got 5 Points)               0                                      5

Mile Time Improvements                                    39                                      19

TEAM TOTALS                                                   172                                     157


The teams may have been neck and neck form the very beginning, but after Team "A" saw double-digit time improvements from 2 people (Vaughn and Robert) where Team Mandy had just 1 (Karen).
MVPs for magic mile improvements are Vaughn, Robert and Karen!
MVP for attendance is Dan!